My New NY

Whenever I see a person go to New York City for the first time, I usually get the feeling that they are overwhelmed by all the things to do, the places to see, the variety of people, and the fast pace the city moves in. That’s certainly how I felt my first time here, 15 years ago.

Since that trip I took with my school in the 8th grade, I began to build a crush with New York. I saw all the sites, many museums and even more Broadway shows. I loved every minute of it -even when I got lost one night and had to walk all over the city trying to find my group. It was after that one-week trip in 1998 that I first thought “I’m gonna live here one day”.

And sure enough, I stepped off the airplane ten years later, suitcase in hand, ready to take on the city. I lived here for four months in 2007, while I studied a few classes in NYU and Juilliard (I like to sing). During those months I lived with three roommates, and got to experience the “party” side of New York.

Now I’ve come back for at least two years, to study some more… and to experience all the New York experiences that I’ve missed. I know all the sites -you can find them on all the websites-… And now it’s time to get to know all the nooks and hidden corners where I can find -and share with you- a new, more peaceful, more unexpected, New York.

I will be posting whatever place I find, with photos and giving you the 411 on the place… And I would also appreciate your suggestions.