True Art in Black and White


Las Meninas, after Velazquez. Pablo Picasso. Image from

Being in one of the major art capitals of the world, of course I’ve taken advantage of the museums and galleries in New York. This month, I didn’t just see -I experienced- one of the best exhibitions ever: Picasso Black and White, at the Guggenheim.

I have always loved Picasso, and I have been to many exhibits of his work around the world, but I think this one has been the best one. It shows 110 works in which the artist explores the power of monochromatic paintings.

The audio guide gave a perfect explanation of the different paintings and sculptures’ meaning and context. Narrated by a curator dedicated to Picasso, one of the artist’s friends and his daughter Maia, it leads the spectator through personal experiences, feelings and anecdotes that help us understand what Picasso was going through in each historic period, and how he projected his feelings on these works.

A complete exhibition, the only thing missing was the Guernica, which is huge and obviously impossible to bring from the Princesa Sofia Museum in Spain. I highly recommend everyone to live this experience, and to share your opinions here.

To know more about Picasso Black and White, visit the Gugenheim website by clicking here.