An acre of calm

This week, Midtown East has been hectic. With the UN General Assembly, there is security all over the place, streets are closed, and there has been an even greater feeling of hurry. Walking through the neighborhood, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by everything… I needed to unwind.

Suddenly, while I walked through 51st street, I stumbled upon a hidden place called Greenacre Park. Although it isn’t really an acre (more like the width of a town house in the area), when you go inside, it might as well be an acre. There are tables and benches to sit and gaze at all the plants that surround you, and the sounds made by the two-story waterfall and babbling brook drown out all noise from the street.

You can also go during rainy days -such as the today, or the ones to come during Fall. The park offers refuge through a trellis roof.

Upon some research, I found out that Greenacre Park was created in the 1970s by landscape architect Hideo Sasaki, precisely to escape from the “city experience”. And I must say that it really accomplishes its goal. If you ever need to get away, I highly recommend to grab a good book and go to this oasis of tranquility.